8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Constipation problems h trifala le skte h

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Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear trifla s not safe during pregnancy nd breast feeding moms so try to avoid it .Constipaion s a common in pregnancy .last month i was facing constipation issue too. My dr suggest me to drink plenty of water. Around 10 glasses nd 3to 4 ltr liquids a day is recommended. advised to go 4 walk nd high-fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains nd prune juice s also helpful .nd i try it its heloful 4 me add flax seeds in diet .try it
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Question: When my baby drinking cow milk she has constipation problems ? What to do..?
Answer: Hi, babies often go a long time between bowel movements.most of time ,it is normal for a baby to go days or even more than a week without a bowel movement.give high fibre containing foods include fruits like skinless apple, broccali, peaches, pears and fruit juices, vegetables.avoid foods which causes constipation.give plenty of warm water.give warm bath relaxes abdominal muscles and help them to stop straining .gentle massage on tummy and move the babys legs while they are lying on their back to mimic motion of riding a bicycle will helps in relieving constipation.take care of your baby
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Question: Pregnancy me curd le skte h kya or kitni quantity
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear curd s completely safe 4 u in pregnancy u can take 1 small bowl curd in a day u can take buttermilk too bht make sure curd should be fresh home made nd it should not be cold then only its safe 4 u .try it dear
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Question: Kya dolopar 650 din m 3 bar le skte h??
Answer: Iam 3 months pregnant in afternoon I eat fish but I am getting stomach pain what to do...
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