7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 6weeks completed but not feeling anything except tiredness is everything normal?

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Answer: Yes,Some ppl wnt get anythin till baby born.. So eat well and enjoy
Answer: S it is normal . Have ur healthy pregnancy
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Question: I'm 6weeks pregnant but I'm not feeling anthing
Answer: Dear not having any kind of morning sickness or vomiting or nausea is absolutely normal. I never had them too during my pregnancy and still had a normal hai healthy pregnancy. If you have tested positive and ur beta hcg values shows increase then definately ur baby is growing. Do not rely on these symptoms to define the health of ur pregnancy. Hope i helped.
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Question: Hii I am not feeling anything except breast tenderness and fatigue is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, yes it is normal. breast tenderness is symptom of early pregnancy and some more symptoms might come after few weeks.
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Question: My fourth months completed on 16 November but i am not feeling anything
Answer: Hi u will get to feel your baby movements between 16-25 weeks but for first time moms it may as late as after 25 weeks. Even I am not able to feel my baby movements upto 21 weeks. First movements feel like hunger pangs or flutters. Later on u will b able to distinguish them when u lie flat , after eating something or drinking something cold. Don't worry stay positive. Soon u will start chershing the beautiful movements ☺
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