Few days old baby

Question: 9month compiled verging se thoda thoda white water discharge ho raha hai kya ye leborpain k sing h...plz rply

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Answer: As the baby moves down, your cervix will thin out creating some watery discharge. Totally normal :). However please try to analyse the sort of discharge - 1) If you're leaking urine, the fluid will likely have a distinctive odor. 2) If you're leaking vaginal fluid, the discharge will probably be clear or white to yellowish. It can be rather sloppy, requiring multiple changes of underwear or panty liners in a single day. 3) If you're leaking amniotic fluid or your water has broken, the fluid is likely to saturate your underwear or panty liner over and over again. The fluid may be clear or contain white flecks, perhaps tinged with blood or mucus. It isn't likely to smell, however. If your are leaking amniotic fluid it won't stop and you'll get a big gush when you stand. In case you are soaking through a pad in an hour please call the doctor.
Answer: Its normal yeh hota hai rest kroo yaada bend ho k kaam kro gye yeh ko heavy saman uthaooo gye roh hoga
Answer: hmm if agr Pani sticky. like bhindi starch...
Answer: Noooo
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Question: Muze White gelly jaisa discharge ho raha h thoda thoda kya ye normal hai
Answer: Hello dear Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leukorrhea and is white, and mild smelling. Leukorrhea is normal and nothing for you to worry about. this can interrupt the normal balance of healthy bacteria in the vagina and lead to infection. If my answer is helpful to u please like it have a nice day dear .
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Question: hlo doctor and mommy mujhe kuch din se thoda water discharge ho rha Hai urine kind( penty wet ho jati hai) n white discharge bhi hai thoda to ye Kyu ho rha Hai Kya ye normal hai
Answer: yes its normal but bahut jaida ye problems ho rhi h n white discharge me agar smelling h to Dr. se consult karo
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Question: Mujhe thoda thoda white discharge ho raha hai kya karu
Answer: That's normal if only white discharge if it is mixed with blood r brownish consult a doctor dats sign of labor
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