3 months old baby

Question: colic drops can b used daily

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Answer: better give massage apply hing paste around navel...
Answer: First three days for treatment then SOS if needed.
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Question: Can we give colic aid , d3 drops daily....
Answer: Hi. Instead of colic aid i went with home remedies and sharing with you. We did a couple of things that helped in colic : Burping in a up right position after feeding Massage, we did a lot of massages and they were great help. put a oil or cream on your handsand before touching your babies skin and be sure they are warm now bear in mind that you have to massage clockwise that is the direction of the intestines so clockwise give gentle tummy strockes - repeat five times also, you can clockwise move your hand in half circles on your baby tummy - repeat 5 times hold your baby’s knees together and gently bend his legs at kneed and push them in to his tummy and back again to initial position - repeat five times hold your baby’s legs and to gently the same movements as if your baby was cycling. - repeat 5 times. Do this all with time and gently. Massages can be done after the bath in a warm environment, and never after feeding the baby. We also did quick massages in each nappy change and it worked really well.
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Question: How much colic aid drops shud b used for 4 months old baby in a day
Answer: Colic aid drops to be given only once in a day..give drops once, pat the baby back to release gas thru burps, make the baby lie on flat surface on back..and hold both legs and move in cycling motion, also hold both legs, bend knees and press gently towards the stomach. Hold baby legs n bend it to touch stomach gently ..these methods will help release gas n baby will feel good..be very gentle on the way u do..donot press hard..donot medicate kids unless absolutely necessary
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Question: Shall we use colic acid drops drops daily?
Answer: Avoid if u can. Use natural remedies first .. However not as such harm to use daily
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