4 months old baby

Question: Coconut baby massage oil kaunsi brand ka achchha hai??

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Answer: Vedagiri herbals virgin coconut oil is also best.. It's pure.. You can buy it from Amazon..
Answer: Nirmal's virgin coconut oil.very safe and Good for baby skin
Answer: Patanjali ka coconut oil achha h.
Answer: Patanjali is good
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Question: Best brand for coconut oil for baby massage
Answer: hi mam to massage the baby's body you can either use Baby Oil or you can also use pure almond oil or virgin olive oil this is very good for baby you can also use coconut oil but compared with this almond oil and olive oil is good for massaging baby it increase the blood flow and also increase the complexion of the baby if you want to use coconut oil it is better to use cold pressed coconut oil as it is very pure and organic it don't have any side effect
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Question: which is the better oil for baby massage either olive oil or coconut oil. tell me the brand also .. plez
Answer: Hi dear. both olive oil and coconut oil good for massaging your baby's body but olive oil should be used in winter season and coconut oil should be used in summer season but if the season is rainy or the weather is cold then you can use olive oil for baby massage and if the weather is hot then you should use only coconut oil because it will give soothing effect to your baby's skin and will also protect her from heat rashes and diaper rashes.
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Question: Which brand virgin coconut oil to be used for baby massage..???
Answer: I do not use coconut oil. I give olive oil for baby massage.i use Himalaya baby massage oil.it is very good for baby growth and baby skin tone.i started this oil at the age of 3month
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Question: Which brand coconut oil is good for baby massage and how long
Answer: Hi, you can use bio oil you can also use coconut oil or almond oil as all of them are very good for the massage of the baby you can give massage the baby till the baby is a year old it helps to strengthen the muscles and the bones of the baby it also helps to keep the skin moisturized
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