6 months old baby

Question: Cn i gv mutton soup she is 7 months old

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Answer: Hii dear kindly avoid giving non veg to ur baby before 1 year of age as baby diges2 system ia not developed well to digest hard food. Mutton is difficult to digest. So avoid it and u can give vegetable soup.
Answer: Baby is so small so avoid few more days
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Question: 7+? Month baby food chrt? Cn i gv her chkn soup nd lv fish?
Answer: Hello dear Diet for 7+ month old baby: At 8:00 or whatever be baby wake up time u can give breast or formula milk At 9:30: Banana porridge Barley porridge  Oats banana porridge  Suji kheer At 11 am: Egg yolk Panner cube Bread slice Fruits but do avoid citrus fruit till 1 year of age At 1 pm when baby wake up after nap Pumpkin khichdi Lauki khichdi Rice and mixed vegetable Egg yolk and rice Potato and carrot khichdi At 3 pm: u can offer any fruit juice or milk At 6 pm:  Panner piece Carrot stripe Potato.stripe Beetroot stripe Suji or besan halwa Cerelac At 8 pm: Rawa idli Potato khichdi Plain khichdi Roti soaked in daal Yes dear you can give nov veg to ur baby. Usually you can start with non veg after 1 yr. Eggs, fish and chicken are usually safe to be given.
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Question: Cn i gv paneer to my baby.she wl b 7 months old nxt week
Answer: Hello dear Cottage cheese (paneer) is very good for baby and may be introduced as early as possible providing there are no dairy allergies. If baby cannot mash/grasp, sprinkle cheese over vegetables, khichdi, daliya . If baby can mash/grasp and has had Baby Finger Foods, cut cheeses into small bits and offer to baby as a snack.
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Question: Cn i gv my bby boiled egg 8 months old
Answer: Hello... Yes dear, you can give, eggs are rich source of protein, needed for baby development, but give only yolk, introduce white part after one year of birth
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Question: Cn i gv makhane ki kheer to my baby.she wl b 7 months old nxt week
Answer: Yes it is very good for baby
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