15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: cn i eat gram in morning?? nd cn i eat green chili??

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Answer: Can u list out calcium food for 26 weeks of pragnancy
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Question: 1.cn i eat gram in morning? 2. cn i eat green chili??
Answer: Hi, gram you can eat sweety. But green chilli, i aould suggest no. As it causes acidiry and it will unnecessary harm you na dear. So better either avoid or have it in bery liw quantiry.
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Question: cn i eat gram nd green chili daily??
Answer: Avoid spicy good during pregnancy...best avoid chilli
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Question: 4th month z running cn i eat plum nd oranges
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear Of course you should add juicy fruit plum in your diet. It is rich in magnesium which prevent premature birth. It has iron in big amount. It also rich in calcium, good for bones both mother and baby. It prevents constipation. Orange is also a good fruit and rich in vitamin C but dont eat too much.
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Question: Can i have green chili pickel ??
Answer: No dear achar khane se acidity hogi apko
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