15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 1.cn i eat gram in morning? 2. cn i eat green chili??

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Answer: Hi, gram you can eat sweety. But green chilli, i aould suggest no. As it causes acidiry and it will unnecessary harm you na dear. So better either avoid or have it in bery liw quantiry.
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Question: cn i eat gram in morning?? nd cn i eat green chili??
Answer: Can u list out calcium food for 26 weeks of pragnancy
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Question: cn i eat gram nd green chili daily??
Answer: Avoid spicy good during pregnancy...best avoid chilli
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Question: I drink 1 glass milk in evening and morning too and eat 2 wheat bread (roti)
Answer: Hi dear dats good but do include fruits and vegetable egg paneer chicken soya products in ur diet to get a proper required neutritions .
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Question: Can i eat green gram
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you have in moderation and not too often as it might cause gastric. Take care.
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