30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Chocolate is safe during pregnancy?

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy chocolate helps alot to elevate your mood it also helps a lot by providing energy if you are not diabetic you can have chocolate but chocolate has caffeine in it the maximum allowed is 2mg per day you can take it in the form of coffee tea or chocolate but more amount can cause uterus contraction which is not at all safe now so do not cross the limits take care
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Question: Is chocolate is safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi. It is safe to avoid chocolates in pregnancy though it is dairy product it contains caffine and sugar which is not recommended in pregnancy..caffine harm fetus and sugar leads for gestational diabetes
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Question: Is chocolate safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes chocolate is pure safe during pregnancy but one problem is there is sugar try to consume less and maintain your sugar level don't worry have chocolates and keep smiling
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Question: Is chocolate safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. You can take choclates occasionaly during the pregnancy. Do not eat on regular basis as they contain lot of sugar...
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