Few weeks old baby

Question: Cervix length 3.5 cm.. Baby us in cephalic position.. Is there any chance of normal delivery??

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Answer: hi it looks difficult old in the position is normal when is cervix length is still too much it should be reduced by now however it depends on the doctor will be able to decide depending upon the medical factors
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Question: 3.5 cm of cervix length is normal??
Answer: Hello dear No, there is no problem if ur cervix length is 3.5 cm. 3 cm and above is ok. Doctor's don't worry much. Just try having rest as much as possible.Rest is only solution to avoid any complication due to cervix length.
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Question: Hi m 33week preg baby is in cephalic presentation and cervix length is 4.5cm is there any chance of normal delivery
Answer: Its larger than normal and less chance of normal delivery
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Question: Baby position is longitude cephalic, and cervix 38.5mm is there any possibility for normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear when the head of the baby is ready to enter the pelvis is called the cephalic position this is ideal position of normal and Natural birth where in the baby is down and facing the Mother's back and the cervix length according to 38 weeks also seems to be fine. Hope this helps!
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