26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: cervix kya hota hai

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Answer: What You Need to Know About Your Cervix The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus. It is approximately two inches long, and it's tubular in shape. It widens during childbirth to allow for the passage of the baby. It also allows for the passage of menstrual fluid from the uterus, and sperm needs to travel through the cervix in order to reach the uterus.
Answer: Your cervix is where your uterus, also known as your womb, opens into the vagina. Cervical length during pregnancy is sometimes associated with preterm labor — labor that begins before week 37 of pregnancy. If you have a short cervix, i.e. less than 2.2 cm you might be at increased risk of preterm labor and premature birth.
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Question: Labour pain aane per cervix open hota hai Kya ya phir cervix open hone per labour pain aata haii plzz answer I am so worried
Answer: Dear, Jab cervix open hone lagta Hai tabhi aap ko dheere dheere peene aana Shuru Hota Hai. Agar aapko aadha ghanta yah ek ghante k bad cramping pain ho rehi ho then it indicates that your cervix started dilated. Proper liver me enter hone se pahle cervix dilation Ho Jaati Hai. Hope it helps. All the best 👍😊.
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Question: Kya cervix uper ho jae toh Kya yeh pregnancy k Karan hota h
Answer: Aisa Kuch Nahi hai dear..cervix usually upar hi rehta hai non pregnant ladies me..Jaise Jaise pregnancy progress hota hai waise waise cervix length decrease hone Lagta hai..
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Question: Meri 22wks tifa scan report me cervix length 53mm likha hai... kya ye normol hei
Answer: Haan koi baat Nahi .waise bhi aap mid preganancy me hai..toh Jaise Jaise pregnancy progress Hoga,waise ye length kam.ho jayegi..
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