26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: cervix kya hota hai

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Answer: What You Need to Know About Your Cervix The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus. It is approximately two inches long, and it's tubular in shape. It widens during childbirth to allow for the passage of the baby. It also allows for the passage of menstrual fluid from the uterus, and sperm needs to travel through the cervix in order to reach the uterus.
Answer: Your cervix is where your uterus, also known as your womb, opens into the vagina. Cervical length during pregnancy is sometimes associated with preterm labor — labor that begins before week 37 of pregnancy. If you have a short cervix, i.e. less than 2.2 cm you might be at increased risk of preterm labor and premature birth.
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Question: Cervix length Kya hota hai
Answer: Dear cervix length hota Hai aapke a vagina ke andar ki length Jo uterus tak pahunch aati Hai agar vah 3.5 CM se kam hoti hai To fir early delivery ke chances hote Hain
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Question: cervix Kya hota hai... cervical length ka bhi test hota hai kya aur kab hota hai
Answer: Han mera to 4 month se hi test ho rha h.apko doctor ne kB bola h ?
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Question: What is difference between cervical cerclage and short cervix.. Short cervix mein kya problem hota hai?
Answer: Cervical length should be 3-3.5cm during pregnency.if it is less than 2.5cm ,u will face the problem of short cervix.cervical cerclage is nothing but a cervical stitch is done by doctors to close the mouth of cervix nd to prevet preterm labour.if they do not stitch the cervix u will have pre term labour in that ur baby is not developed nd can face many health problems
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Question: cervix konse weekw open hota hai
Answer: Hii Between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, the cervix tends to shift forward, pointing toward the front of the vagina. It gets softer and starts to widen and open (also known as dilating), and thin (or efface). If this isn’t your first baby, the cervix is already softer and a little more open than a first-time mom’s.
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