33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cervix stiches k bavjud bhi kya normal delivery possible hai.. agar hai to kya kya ghyan rakhana chahiye?

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Answer: Cervix stitches is common in normal delivery . There is nothing in special to remember the stitches will automatically get removed with in 15 days from your pregnancy and many a times you won t feel that also
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Question: agar baby breech ho to Kya normal delivery possible hai??
Answer: Begin following techniques if baby is not head down by 30-31 weeks – • Use the Forward-leaning Inversion off the couch, for 30-45 seconds, 5-7 times in ONE day • The Breech Tilt for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Do not sleep in bed this way. • Once or twice a day, do the Sidelying Release. Please take professional help or help of your partner to do these exercises. Watching videos of how to do these exercises might help
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Question: Agar pehla delivery CS se hua he to second delivery bhi operation se hoga kya. Is normal delivery not possible???
Answer: No aisa kuch nahi hein...first delivery c section hone ke baad second delivery normal bilkul ho sakti hein...operation se ho aisa bilkul bhi jaroori nahi hein...agar aap achee se poora dhyaan rakhe khud ka...khaane peene ka...regular exercise kare..rest kare..to normal delivery bilkul possible hein
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Question: Agar baby ke neck ke around loose cord loop ho to normal delivery possible hai kya ??
Answer: Yes dear bilkul possible hai baby 2 loop par it becomes difficult.
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Question: Hello, I got cervix stiches due to short cervix. Will it be possible that i can go for normal delivery or water birth?
Answer: Hello! Yes possibilities are there for normal or vaginal birth using water technique. But right now it is not possible to tell that. As of now take care of yourself and have a balanced diet with plenty of fluids. Be positive and confident, everything will be fine. Take care
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