17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cervical stitches does it pain n bleed, how long this process will take place. What to do after this process.

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Answer: Hi! The length of your lower uterus level is the cervical length which is connected to your vagina. Usually a normal cervical length is 4-5 cm long when not pregnant and its closed and rigid but during the course of pregnancy it becomes soft and dilated hence women with short cervix get cervical stitches to protect the baby. Don't worry you won't realise it when it is done and it takes just half an hour to put the stitches . Before the stitch is done no need of bed rest but you should not exert herself Also now that you know that you hv cervical incompetency so avoid sexual intercourse and lifting Heavy weight. Bed rest is important (condition varies from women to women) Stitched will be removed at 38 weeks. Hope this helps!
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    Chaya Devi738 days ago

    Thank you, I was really scared of it.

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Answer: Usually it takes around 3 months to heal completely after a normal delivery. You need to take good rest during that time and also indulge in small exercises to give your body the flexibility and strength you had before. This will also help in getting you back to shape.
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