38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cephalic presantaion placenta interior grade 3maturity it is normal

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Answer: Hi Yes cephalic implies head down position Placenta can be graded from 0 to 3 0 being in the initial stage of pregnancy 3 being towards the end of 3rd trimister So everything is normal Just stay positive and stay active
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Question: Cephalic presantaion placenta interior reaching fundus grade 2/3 it is normal
Answer: Hie Cefalic indicates head down position Placenta interior reaching fundus Is just position of palcenta fundus being uterus Grade 2/3 placenta goes form 0 to 3 in pregnancy cycle 0 being in the initial stage and 3 towsrds the end of 3rd trimister All the above conditions are normal and favorable for a normal So don't worry
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Question: Placenta interior grade 2means???
Answer: Placental grading/ maturity means (Grannum classification) refers to a ultrasound grading system of the placenta based on its maturity. It is classified into the following grades at different stages in pregnancy, at approximately the following times: Grade I. Around 31 to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Grade II. Around 36 to 37 weeks of pregnancy. Grade III. Around 38 weeks of pregnancy. It is usually not seen before 37 weeks. A grade III placenta is known as a severely calcified placenta. At this stage, a formation of indentations or ring-like structures can be seen within the placenta. Hope it helps.
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Question: Placenta grade 3maturity at 31week pregnant
Answer: Hi dear it means ur placenta is ageing earlier than normal but if ur doctor is fine with it and not showing any alarming situation. Then it's fine. Do stay positive . Max doctor can plan early delivery if needed .right now stay calm .
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