36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cephalic ( head is high) position means

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Answer: Hi dear, It means your baby is head down position,but head is still not reached the birth canal or not yet fixed.but it is ok,as you still have time to deliver.
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Question: Posterior high and cephalic position representation what it means ?
Answer: Hi dear, The posterior position mentions the placental position .the placenta is placed in the posterior wall of uterus which is high and away from cervix.which is good.cephalic position is of your baby,which means it is head down and legs up .it is the ideal position of baby to be delivered vaginally.
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Question: cephalic position means baby head down position me h?????
Answer: yes dear cephalic position matlab head down position hota hai...
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Question: Cephalic position means baby's head is dropped or not??
Answer: Cephalic position means baby's head is facing downwards.
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