37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cephalic, anterior placenta position. Is normal delivery possible?

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Answer: hi yes cephalic is the ideal position for normal delivery in which the baby is head down position which is considered to be normal if all other medical parameters on nirmal there are chances to deliver the baby normally Many baby with anterior placenta position have been able to be born normally
Answer: Yes dear, normal delivery possible, if you don't have another serious medical complications.
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Question: My placenta position is anterior and presentation is cephalic in the scan report.is normal delivery possible
Answer: hi yes dear Placenta position anterior means your Placenta is located in front wall of uterus which is very normal . cephalic position is the baby position which means your baby is in head down position in womb . weather conditions are in favour of normal delivery so don't worry. but only these two factors are not responsible for normal delivery .
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Question: My placenta is anterior high grade 2 in cephalic position. It is possible for normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear don't worry the position as a normal and their lot of chances of normal delivery. Eat healthy foods to be healthy and also take a proper exercises and walking take enough rest don't do heavy work and also add more nuts calcium iron supplements in your food
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Question: Is normal delivery possible with cephalic position placenta anterior nd grade3maturity ..now im 36weeks running
Answer: Hello dear, yes normal delivery is possible with the cephalic position where the baby is in head down position..as long as all other factors are favourable...
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