14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Cashew fruit is safe to eat?

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Answer: Do u mean cashew nut? It is absolutely safe.
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Question: Is it safe to eat walnuts & cashew during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear You can cashew and walnuts which are safe during pregnancy.. Cashew is rich in potassium,vitamin and proteins also helps to keep you energetic...but consuming cashew in moderate amount is safe as it has some allergic reaction too... Walnuts are safe you can take daily 2 pieces as its rich in omega 3 helps for babies brain development
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Question: Is it safe to eat cashew nuts
Answer: Hi, yes. Nuts are very healthy and you can certainly take. Ensure to take in moderation.
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Question: I'm 24 weeks pregnant can I eat cashew nut fruit is it safe fr me
Answer: Hi dear.. no problem you can have it.. but don't eat more just have one or two..
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