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Question: Can you explain why for some woman, periods don't come or get delayed after donating blood?

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Question: On May i got periods on date 18 and we do intercourse till 29 to 28 June but i couldn't get pregnant my periods come 23 June. Why this happens to me ??
Answer: Well dear it is very uncertain..most pregnancies need lot of patience and determination..even if all your reports ,timings are correct ,stress could be the reason for not fertilization stay stress free.hoping your routine tests are done and are normal..continue to try..
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Question: Me n my baby come in contact with coronovirus positive patient who is asymptomatic unknowingly for 5 hours .. this happened 3days ago...we r taking care Shall we do test or not we don't have any symptoms
Answer: They are the test is quite expensive almost 4500 . I think you should wait for the symptoms if you feel sick then get checked if you have taken proper precautions and clean your hands and not touch onto your mouth her eyes or nose then you may be safe
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Question: Can I use remaining celerac after some time
Answer: Dear big should be fitted with the food within 30 minutes of preparing it after that it can get soiled
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