9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can we wear tight jeans in 7weeks pregnancy??

4 Answers
Answer: Hello! You should be wearing comfortable clothes during pregnancy. If you are comfortable wearing those, there is no problem with it.
Answer: U can wear tight jeans over ur thighs bt it must not be tight on abdomen area
Answer: Pl avoid wear comfortable clothes
Answer: Dear avoid tight clothing
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Question: Can I wear jeans or jagging in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, u can if u are comfortable . Lots of people say not to wear as it may be tight n be inconvenient. And when weight increases I vil only not feel to wear body hugging clothes . As yet till the tym ur ok go ahead.
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Question: can I wear jeans during pregnancy
Answer: There is no study which specifies that wearing jeans during pregnancy is harmful to a mother or baby. But there are certain restrictions every pregnant woman should follow when it comes to choosing the right maternity wear. Women are unaware of the fact that the uterus can withstand a lot of pressure and prevent the baby from getting hurt. Moreover, it holds ample amniotic fluid that protects the foetus from an external force. wearing jeans does not put too much pressure on the uterus.
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Question: Can i wear jeans in my starting months of pregnancy.
Answer: Yes you can if you are comfortable. Ideally you should wear easy fitting clothes during pregnancy. Do not put on tight fitting jeans.
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