1 months old baby

Can we use tooth brush for cleaning the teeth after delivery

Zessss u use now daily and use hot water for brushing
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Question: After delivery when we can brush our teeth?
Answer: Hello, Dear after delivery you can regularly brush your teeth there is no harm in it moreover Dental Care is very important during and after delivery so don't miss a day without doing brush...
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Question: Tooth ache and feeling sensitive. Can i do teeth cleaning
Answer: Below is a list of natural remedies, which do not affect your health or the baby and are effective in curbing tooth ache too: Clove: Clove or ‘laung’ is one of the common spices in our kitchen. You can either simply keep the whole clove between your teeth or apply clove oil on some cotton and hold it at the affected areaSaline solution: Simply mix one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with this. This solution not only fights bacteria and dislodges stuck food particles, but also has soothing effectHot or cold compress: Applying cold or hot compress soothes nerves and provides temporary relief from pain. Simply wrap a few ice cubes in soft cloth or handkerchief and apply at the affected areaGarlic: Garlic contains ‘allicin’, a substance that has antibacterial properties and instant soothing effect too. Caution should be exercised here that you do not place raw garlic directly in contact with the affected gum as this may further exacerbate it. It’s best to crush a garlic, wrap it up in a cotton and hold it firmly between teeth. As the juices are slowly released, this will take care of the tooth acheTea rinse: Black tea contains tannins which works to reduce inflammation and ease swelling. Simple boil some tea in water, let it cool and rinse with it. Alternatively, dip a tea bag in warm water and gargle with it
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Question: Can i start using tooth brush for the baby
Answer: Hi dear, If your baby has got teeth,then ultra soft bristles toothbrush could be used.please continue maintaining oral hygiene to avoid any caries.after every feed wipe her teeth with clean soft cotton cloth.brush her teeth with flouride free toothpaste,like pediflor,which my doctor recommended for my baby.
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