2 months old baby

Question: Can we use relispray on one year kids legs

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Answer: No don't use. Baby is so young to bear it. He can get allergy also with it. If his leg is hurting then u can massage him with mustard oil infused with garlic and Carom seed. That will relieve him with pain .If u find my answer relevant. Plz do reply back. All the best.
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Question: Can we apply volini on legs/hands or back for pain so that we get relief?
Answer: It's still not advised to apply Volini gel or even sprays because they contain diclofenac which is not recommended to take during pregnancy hence Paracetamol is prescribed as a painkiller. So with the muscle relaxants what you can do is choose natural relief balms such as Iodex/ Tiger Balm also there are some Ayurvedic oils that are available in ayurvedic outlets which can be applied and they provide instant relief and have no side effects also. Although applying Volini or move spray once is not going to be fatal for your baby but yes regular use can make your skin permeable to this particular salt which is not good for your baby. The best way I would suggest would we apply a warm compress you can either use hot water Spa pillows or you can use a cloth which you can warm up on a surface and apply on your back or get someone to apply on your back or your joints. for legs and muscles pain you can always soap your legs in Epsom Salt dissolved one tablespoon in the lukewarm water this will relieve your muscle pressure as well as help to relax
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Question: Hi mums what kind of books we can use for one year baby??
Answer: U may use illustrative books containing pictures of animals, birds, general household things, colours. U may give him colourful pictures of fruits, vegetables, body parts and may slowly teach him body parts identification, names of articles we use at home, sounds of birds n animals, tastes etc. Enjoy parenting!
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Question: After one year can we give buffalo milk to baby
Answer: Hi ... Though both cow and buffalo milk contain minerals and proteins, they are not suited for infants as they can affect their kidneys if introduced before the age of one year. Thus, the best time to introduce them to your baby is after she/he turns one year
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