38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we use maternity napkins for post delivery...instead using clothes...

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Answer: Yes you may use maternity napkins post delivery instead of clothes. Maternity napkins are hygienic and safe. Just make sure to change napkins often
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    Madhavi Prabhu871 days ago

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Question: Can we use napkins?
Answer: Hi dear yes u can use pads or panty liner if u are facing excess of white discharge. It is common to get more of discharge during last Month's of pregnancy as ur body is getting ready for the delivery so discharge has increased.
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Question: Can we use whisper pads post-delivery or we need to buy maternity pads?
Answer: no ...u cannot buy some maternity pads...flow is too much for normal pads...nowdays hospital do provide you with the maternity pads.
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Question: Can we use maternity napkins instead of clothes??
Answer: Hi Ya you can use maternity napkins but do change it every 4 hours though its wet or not do change
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