3 months old baby

Question: can we use immersion heater water to bath the baby or gas stove water.

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Answer: Yes dear U can use.. Nothing wrong in that. Just give warm water bath to ur baby as ur baby is too small.
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Question: Can we use electric water heater ..water to bath new born baby?
Answer: Hi. Yes dear you can sure heat water with electric heater to bath the baby. There is no problem. When we use gyser for heating water there is also heater inside which make water hot. So dont worry. Good luck.
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Question: my baby is 4 month old -till now we are heating water with gas for bath. can we use water heater instead of gas. please let me know
Answer: Hi it is completely up to you but it is important for the baby to take bath in a particular temperature it can be normal or it can be lukewarm also so if you do not want to continue to heat the water in gas you can keep the water and sunlight with a cover and you can give bath with that water as well it all depends how the baby will take it in my opinion lukewarm water is better for bathing throughout the year .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Pls tell me clearly whether i can use electric rod heater for my baby to bath
Answer: Yes dear U can use electric rod heater for ur baby bath. There is nothing harm in that. Just give ur baby warm bath every day.
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Question: Can we use dettol in newborn baby bath water or not
Answer: Hello! No, please do not use dettole in the bath water. It can cause the baby's skin to be dry or cause allergic reactions too. Hence avoid. Tkar care.
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