10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we use facial bleach during pregnancy? If yes, could you suggest any brand?

2 Answers
Answer: Dn use ma..it is made from chemical na.. so u try natural ones in home like potato etc
Answer: It's better to aviod bleach during pregnancy as it contains chemicals.
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Question: Hi, Can I use facial bleach during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi, dear, don't use bleach, but can get done facial. this time skin is very sensetive. So Done by a professional at a salon or spa, or at home using your own store-bought kit. If you find that your skin is too sensitive during pregnancy, so better to avoid. Immediately after facial, avoid harsh sunlight and tanning. 
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Question: can we do facial bleach and hair colour during pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear everything is possible in pregnancy however I would suggest if it can be done in a natural way or with natural ingredients it will be better and safe for you.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is facial is safe during pregnancy ...if yes then suggest which brand or which type of facial i can do on my face
Answer: Its not safe..it contains lot of chemicals which if in case will come in contact with ur mouth will be dangerous
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