1 months old baby

Question: can we use diaper at night for 20 days old baby?

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Question: Can we wear pabt style diaper to 10 days old baby at night
Answer: Hi dear, Pant style diapers can be used for newborns.although I am not sure if such diapers are available for newborns.usually the regular style diapers are easier to put when the child cannot sit or stand.but it is your wish.
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Question: Is it ok to use diaper at night regularly for 15 days old baby ????
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can use diaper, but it should be changed every four hours, and can also apply coconut oil on that area will prevent rashes
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Question: How much times we can use diaper for 20 days old baby
Answer: Hello dear. You can use the entire day. However make sure you change them frequently to prevent from rashes or allergies. Take care.
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