9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we understand the gender of baby so exited to know ☺

2 Answers
Answer: Answer by Tp Sahana: Question: My fetal movement on left side.. Is it boy r girl.. Answer: Hi dear Can understand your eagerness whether its a boy or girl...you may know some laws are there here not to leak about sex of the baby before birth..whether its a boy or girl its a precious gift from god...take healthy food and stay cool and relax...leave it to nature and wait for the day..congrats in advance take care
Answer: Its so early to know the gender. But why you want to know it right now? Let the excitement be there till delivery. If you know it now itself, you can not have that surprise
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Question: How can we Know the gender of Baby
Answer: hi , i am afraid its illegal to use ultrasound or other methods to determine the gender of the baby in India and hence not recommended at all.
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Question: When we can know the gender of baby clearly?
Answer: Hello! Gender of the baby cannot be known as it can be found out through sex determination test which is not legal. Hence, you need to wait till delivery for the gender of the baby dear. Take care
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Question: Wen can we know the gender of the baby
Answer: Hi, We can know the gender by 5th month but doctors will not disclose it as knowing it in prior is not recommended.
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