14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can we take popcorns while 3months or in pregnancy???is it garmful for the baby...

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Answer: popcorn is not only a safe but a healthy option for pregnant women. However, it is best to avoid microwave popcorn bags that contain the toxin Fluorotelomers in the lining due to conflicting studies about its safety. 
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Question: My baby 3months 7daYs for today CAn I take 72 hours pill while bm is it safe for my baby
Answer: Pills may disturb your milk Flow and any intake of medicines has to be advised by the docs as you are feeding. Please try an alternative
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Question: Can we eat popcorns in theatre with cheese flovour
Answer: Hi dear, Yes you can have cheeze popcorn.no issue.
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Question: can we wear bra while in pregnancy is it effect the breastfeeding to baby
Answer: Hii it is always advisable to wear bra during pregnancy as well breastfeeding. Firstly it will keep ur breast not to suffer with sagging as well any time ur breast may start the lactwting process and it may start producing colostrum , the first milk .So u can be in embarrassing position if it start pubilcally. Also not wearing bra can also I crease ur breast Pain. So better wear it. Opt for good maternity bra. All the best.
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Question: Can I eat popcorns in 6-7 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello Yes, you can have it.. It will not be a problem.. It is nutritious and delicious to consume..
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