10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we take hajmola or hing goli during pregnancy?

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Answer: Better to aviod it...
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Question: Can we have hajmola and hing goli ?
Answer: Hello dear Yes, u can have hajmola and hing goli in pregnancy. Hajmola is made up of black pepper, long pepper, ginger, lemon, cumin seeds etc and which can be taken in pregnancy. But have in moderation as eating too much can cause loose motions.
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Question: can we eat Patanjali pachak Hing Goli during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear yes you can have it, hing goli is good for digestion, but in moderation as it has sugar in it ,daily one is ok take care
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Question: can I take hing goli in pregnancy?
Answer: Absolutely no avoid all types of mukhwaas use sauf instead of hing Goli.
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Question: Can we take hajmola pills occasionally during pregnancy
Answer: Hello , dear occasionally you can have hajmola but in very small quantity but not regularly..
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