34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we take ginger in 8th month of pregnancy

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Answer: Yes dear U can drink ginger tea in pregnancy. Drinking ginger tea after meals will reduce indigestion problem
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Question: Can we take solvin cold in 8th Month of pregnancy
Answer: Hello, dear. You'll have to consult your gynecologist before taking any medications during pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: Can we take green tea during 8th month of pregnancy
Answer: There is no official advice that says you should stop drinking green tea duringpregnancy. So there's no harm in enjoying a cup or two. However, you shouldn't drink too much green tea, as it contains only a little less caffeine than standard tea, depending on how it's brewed.
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Question: Can we drink ginger tea during 33 month of pregnancy
Answer: Hi, ginger tea is safe to drink during pregnancy as long as you don't drink in excess have it moderately.
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