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Question: Can we take folic acid & multivitamins tablets without doctors advice?

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Answer: Hello darling, yes you can take as it should be taken before pregnancy so please go ahead and take.
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Question: Hello Can i take folic acid tablets without any test
Answer: hi dear if you are trying to conceive all planning for pregnancy you can take Folic acid without performing any test it is absolutely fine and safe for you to consume Folic acid but it is better for you to consult a gynaecologist before you start a consuming with your doctor will help you with the name of the brand of the medicine also the dosage Anthem make it a point to have it just after breakfast and if you are on any iron supplement you can take both together .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i take folic acid B9 without doctor's advice?
Answer: Hie Yes you can it is a dietary supplement and not a drug to require subscription However it should be had in quantity that goes well with the digestive system
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Question: We take folic acid without doctors i
Answer: If u r planning for baby then u can take folic acid 3 months before having pregnancy and u can take folic acid during pregnancy too... It gives strength to uterus
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