6 months old baby

Question: Can we start full cream milk for baby from 7th month??

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Answer: No pls...full cream is not allowed at all...u can start wid cow milk after 1year
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Question: My baby is turned 14 months.. can i start feed toned milk or full cream milk..
Answer: Hello dear Whole milk is better than toned and semi-toned. It's full of minerals & vitamins what a baby is needed at this age. you can start giving him any packed full cream milk. Start giving him less amount of milk to check his digestion and gradually qty can be increased. 
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Question: From. Which month we can start using strechmark cream?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancyYou can start in any stage, the sooner you start the better will be the results.Stretch marks are formed when body expands.Pregnancy and sudden weight gain are main reasons of stretch marks. Body requires collagen. So if you can apply collagen at stretch marks you see results soon. Stretch marks are also formed due to lack of moisture. So keep the place and your body always hydrated. You can use shea cocoa butter, aloe Vera gel etc. Eat food that is rich in vitamin c. Slowly marks will fade.Take care
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Question: can we give amul milk or full cream milk to one month old baby
Answer: Dear, Your milk is always harmless and will give immunity to your baby.if you want to give outside milk to your baby than I feel cow milk is safe.just talk to your doctor.as your baby is one month old so always consult doctor before giving anything.happy parenting.
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