19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we sit cross legged on chair during pregnancy?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello! No, one should avoid sitting cross legged on chair while sitting. It can cause your legs to swell and also your legs may pain. Take care
Answer: No. My mother in law never allowed me to sit crossed legs.
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Question: Can I sit cross legged on chair and any exercise which I can do while sitting
Answer: Hello! Cross legged sitting should be avoided during pregnancy. It might lead swollen legs or cause cramps also. As for exercise you can sit but only after consulting the doctor. Also make sure that you do these exercises under proper supervision. Take care
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Question: Can I sit cross legged on floor, like pranayama pose
Answer: It depends on the size of the tummy and sometimes it will cause severe muscle cramps so better to aviod
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Question: Is it OK to sit cross legged on the floor or sofa during pregnancy
Answer: As long as u r comfortable and nothing hurts u, u can choose any position u want to.. but while sitting for long hours please avoid crossing legs in chair alone, as it might put pressure in utreus and may cause difficulty in supplying blood..
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Question: In 11 week pregnancy, Can i sit cross legged on the floor?
Answer: hi dear ! so sitting with your legs crossed is known to raise blood pressure and can also disrupt the blood circulation. its better if you dont sit cross legged.
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