32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we reduce bp from 130/90 to normal without taking dose...

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Answer: It's in normal range only just little above not to worry too much.avoid salt completely and do Pranayam it helps to regulate blood pressure.check you tube video of Baba Ramdev for Pranayam
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Question: My bp 130/90... Too high uh?? How can i reduce bp level
Answer: Be stress free , do yoga meditation . Don't get angry for silly things . Try to be calm .walk in fresh air .eat good hygiene food.fruuts n veggies.
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Question: Hi if bp is 130/90 in 36 weeaks normal delevry without induse pain is possible
Answer: It is important to induce in patients with high blood pressure because high blood pressure causes a lot of problems while delivering it may cause excessive blood loss and can risk the Mother's condition so it is advised to induce the delivery before a week or two then the estimated delivery date your blood pressure might be slightly high right now but as your pregnancy will progress and you will reach 39th week the blood pressure will increase and so are the chances of getting seizures are also known as preeclampsia seizures which causes death in mothers as well as reports stillbirth in babies so it is important to deliver your baby early so as to avoid any complications. Do not worry because it is absolutely safe and it is for the betterment of you and your baby. take care
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Question: hamara bp 90/130 is it normal
Answer: Normal bp reading is below 120/80. Although some doctors prefer to see reading lower than 115/75. Prehypertension occurs when the blood pressure reading is between 121/80 and 139/89. High bp is defined as anything above 140/90.
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Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant,my BP is 130/90.How to reduce the BP?
Answer: Reduce the amount of salt
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