10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we it laddu made up of wheat floor, dink,kaju,vadal,gul

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy . Yes you can eat . As far as it suits you . It's good for health .
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Question: Can i give him parle-g biscuit in milk as it is made of wheat
Answer: Hi dear, Try to avoid any packaged or tinned food products to your baby. Biscuits are loaded with sugar, refined flour, additives,and preservatives.your baby is too young to take all that.moreover they kill appetite.junk food,would also repel your baby to eat healthy food.so donot make her habit in eating such foods.give her home cooked healthy food.parle g biscuits are made of refined flour.
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Question: Hi i am almost at the end of First trimester. Is edible gum (dink k laddu) safe for me?
Answer: hi dear dink k laddo is good to eat in the third trimester and post delivery. usually it is not advisable to eat cos of its laxative property. it can increase bowel movements which isnt good in this stage. you can eat foods that are more rich in folic.
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Question: Can i eat sheera made up of ragi flour as it contains lots of nutriets
Answer: Hello, Dear really ragi sheera is really healthy and safe to eat during pregnancy.. you will also love the taste. In my pregnancy I eat alot of sheera and just love and crave for it. So enjoy your sheera
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