26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we have thandai with milk during pregnancy

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Answer: Yes why not. Go ahead
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Question: Can I have protein powder with milk during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes,protein supplementation is beneficial at this stage for your baby's growth. You could use any powder available like b-protein,mama proteinex etc.Most of them contain similar ingredients and nutritional composition. Find one with does not have an odour s that nausea is not triggered. You could also supplement this with protien rich food in your diet like dals,sprouts,tofu,chicken,egg etc.
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Question: Can we have Maggie during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Hope you are doing well. I understand you'll have craving during pregnancy. I too used to love to have Maggi. Maggie is made of maida which is difficult to digest. If you really wish to have you can try Atta Maggi once a while in small quantity. Hope this helps.
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Question: Can we have pineapple during pregnancy
Answer: No dear, not at all.. pineapple is very dangerous to have during pregnancy as it can cause serious complications in pregnancy so don't take such risk and avoid pineapple throughout pregnancy please..
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