27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we have 75 grm "Tang" as glucose for GCT

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Answer: not sure. but in medical shop u would get G75 which is used for test
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Question: Wat is the normal GCT level for 75 g oral glucose intake?mine is 84.is it normal?
Answer: I can feel a pulsating beat in my abdomen twice or thrice a day.wat is it actually?it lasts for 3 to 4 minutes.without stop.
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Question: Mam, i am in 35 week of pregnancy, and in GCT , glucose test aftr taking 75 gms of glucose, my sugar level was detected as 186. Kindly suggest me what to do.
Answer: Hi,your post lunch sugar being high you will have to modify your diet that will help you. Avoid sugary foods and drinks Avoid oily and fried food Avoid processed food and food that has preservatives Avoid starchy foods. Have more of boiled vwges and salads and soups Have a bowl of fruits Avoid papaya Nd pineapple Take small and regular walks This should help
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Question: Can we eat glucose for tongue change
Answer: hi it is better to avoid because it can increase your sugar levels which can cause gestational diabetes however to change the days you can try having ginger any paste 1 teaspoon this woll help
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