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Question: Can we have lychee fruit in 4 month of pregnancy

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Answer: Hii Consuming a large quantity of the litchi may cause high sugar level in your blood. If the sugar level goes up, then it might result in diabetes during pregnancy. Eating litchis in large numbers can lead to Hemorrhage.Also, there is a danger of contracting infections.Eating too many litchis can also cause stillbirth.Litchi causes internal heat, which can lead to complications during pregnancy.So, no! It is not a good idea to eat too many Litchis during pregnancy. It can lead to nasty complications and side effects.
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    gaurav jain1213 days ago

    Can we hv less amount of this...

Answer: Yes
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Question: Lichi / lychee fruit is safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello Dear You can have 1-2pieces for taste Pregnancy women shouldn't take comfortably because of this reason because litchi has high content of sugar. So, it isn’t good for pregnant women that used to catch diabetes as well as overweight. Moreover, pregnant women need to limit this fruit and don’t provide for body a lot because it has hot feature.
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Question: Which fruit can we eat in 4 month
Answer: Hi dear u can have all seasonal fruits other than papaya pineapple litchi and grapes as they can led to miscarriage . It is strongly advised to avoid frozen fruits or any fruits which is not seasonal.
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Question: Can we have kharbuja fruit during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have. It will keep u hydrated .but always make sure to remove the skin properly as it is not good foe digestion
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