24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we have vicks cough drops Candy now

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Answer: Hello! Yes, you can have but in moderation. If you want to have it for sore throat, go for ginger. Cut ginger in thin slices and mix with little salt. Then have it little by little. The juice from ginger is very effective to cure sore throat. Take care.
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Question: Can i have vicks cough drops?
Answer: Hello! please dont take any kind of medicine or syrup during pregnancy without consulting to your doctor..it is safe.
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Question: Can I eat Vicks candy
Answer: Hi congrats, Most cough candy have ingredients is menthol...which cools throat irritation and relieves you,...even i.has taken Vicks during pregnancy which didn't harm me at all...but if u feel.necessary then please consult your doctor...take care 👍
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Question: can we have menthol cough drops ?
Answer: dont use any cough drops until your doctor has suggested rather take honey ginger juice, turmeric boiled water before bed. orange juice it will give relief in cough.
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