2 months old baby

Question: Can we have coke for once a while in a week ? I have 1month 20 days child. I do feed him as well

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Question: Can i eat durum wheat semolina in gestational diabetes once a while. Can i eat brown bread as well.
Answer: Yes you can choose durum wheat as well as brown bread..thy are recommended during diabetes issue..I had gestational diabetes and I was having plenty of protein..
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Question: Can i have coke or carbonated drinks once in a while?
Answer: Hi as cold drinks avoid as they contains soda which is not good for baby and also causes gastric problem so it is better to avoid and during pregnancy you should have healthy and nutritious food and drinks so instead of cold drinks have homemade fresh fruit juice, lemon juice,coconut water butter milk which provides nutrients to baby.take care.
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Question: Can we eat sugar free sweet dish for once in a week? I have gestational dibetese
Answer: Hi dear you can definitely have sugar free dish during gestational diabetes in pregnancy it will not cause any harm for the baby or fir pregnancy dear. take care dear
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