3 months old baby

Question: Can we give water to a baby who is 2 months and 15 days old?

4 Answers
Answer: No,uptil 6 months only breast feed or bottle feed ,nothing apart from that.
Answer: no. anything other than breastmilk only after 6 months.
Answer: no 6 months ke baad
Answer: No don't give water
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Question: Can I give lukewarm water to my baby who is 2 and half months old??
Answer: hi not at all dear please do not introduced any solid food including water to the baby at least in the baby is 6 months old the water should be introduced to the baby only after the baby is 6 months old and not before that because your breast milk of formula milk have enough nutrition and water content which will help to fulfill the water requirement of the baby
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Question: Can we give gripe water to 2 months old baby
Answer: gripe water is not advisable by the doctors. according them it spoils the digestion system.Sometimes it may be cause of allergy.Some gripe water contains alcohol and artificial flavors which are very harmful for babies. 
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Question: Hi my baby is 2 months 12 days old shall we give water to her ?
Answer: Hie You can start with water once the baby is six months old and starts with solids There is no requirement of water before that As the baby needs to be exclusively breast feed for first 6 months and breast milk contains 80% water and covers up all your babys water need So rest assured If you feel the climate is hot then offer extra breast feeds
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