8 months old baby

Question: Can we give mosambi to 8th month baby??

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Answer: Yes dear u can give mosambi to ur 8 months old baby as it increases fluid intake because it contains Lots of fluids and also helps in constipation. But give healthy mosambi because stale mosambi can cause stomach upset.
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Question: Can we give oranges or mosambi to 7 month old baby? Do we need to give these fruits as juices
Answer: Hello Yes yu need to give oranges or sweet lime mosambi as in liquid state. As juice. N one more thing yu need to give in noon time not evening that may cause cold in baby. Don't start both fruits together. Start one n wait for three daes to start another. Take care
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Question: Can we give mosambi and orange to 8 month old baby
Answer: hi dear Try to avoid citrus fruits as the may cause acidity in kids But in case you want, try to give a small amount and then increase it
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Question: Hi. Can i give mosambi juice to my baby?
Answer: Hii dear fo avoid giving citrus fruits to the baby for the first 1 year so that do avoid giving as baby main diet will be including more of milk and it can give gas to ur baby. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: can i give mosambi juice to my 9 months baby ?
Answer: big no. no citrous fruits till 12 months.
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