7 months old baby

Question: Can we give sugar or salt to babies?

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Answer: Hi. Please avoid salt and sugar to babies less then a year old. Sugar can cause tooth decay and warm in babies. And salt osnt required to babies more yhan 0.4gm which is very less and tough to measure. Good luck.
Answer: ya in small qty as an when required
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Question: Can we give salt and sugar for babies 6month to 1 year
Answer: Hi dear. it is better to avoif salt and sugar for baby under 1 year . if you want to add salt in babies food then it should not exceed 1 gram per day because your baby's Kidneys can't handle more than one gram salt in a day more salt can make bad effect on your baby 's Kidneys . for sweetening your baby's food you should eat jaggery instead of sugar , sugar have artificial soda in it which is not good for your baby's tummy and jaggery have good amount of iron which is very healthy for your baby . Hope this will help
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Question: When can we give sugar and salt to babies???
Answer: Hello how you spending time with baby😄 Avoid atleast for an year.i didn't give any refined sugar and salt till 18 months..gradually started with palm sugar later.hope you too do the same .it's good for baby.
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Question: can we give sugar and salt to 6 months baby
Answer: Hi dear u can give sugar and salt to ur 6 months old baby as he is ready to take some semi solid foods...
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