6 months old baby

Question: Can we give other milk rather than breastmilk r formula milk for 6months old baby

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Answer: Hi. No don't give any milk other than breast milk or formula milk till one year. Cows milk you can introduce after an year as babies don't have the capacity to digest it Hope this helps
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Question: Other than BF and formula milk.. what we can give to our baby
Answer: Hi dear. You can start with ragi porridge in very small quantity, whatever you give just give two to three spoon in the begining, smashed rice dall veggies, smashed khichadi, veggies pure like carrot spinach pumpkin is good, fruits pure like apple Banana Chicku papaya pear good. You can give smashed dates or streamed dates. Eater after every meal is good for digestion dear. Sippy cups is good dear. Add ghee curd in baby's food. Keep breastfeeding your baby along with solids.
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Question: Breastmilk is not enough for my baby.. As i dont like to give formula milk what can I give him other than formula milk..
Answer: Hai da.. I too face this same problem during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy.. no home remedies no medicines work at all.. but after one week of post delivery it was settled down on their own.. so don't worry.. when you cough hold your abdomen with your hands tightly it helps you to getting from over pain..
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Question: Can we give some other items rather thsn milk to 4 and half month old baby
Answer: Hi dear. No dear anything should not be given to baby till 6 months. Only breastmilk should be given. Even water should not be given under 6 months
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