9 months old baby

Question: Can we give oat to baby because someone told me oat reduce the weight of baby

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Answer: I have never heard anything about weight loss and as per my experience I have never felt that in my baby, so yes you can give oats.
Answer: yes you can give oats by adding milk in it.. it wont reduce weight..
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Question: Can someone suggest me to reduce weight after delivery.plz suggest proper diet plan
Answer: Hi. Maternity belts are useful immediately after delivery when the belly becomes loose. i am not saying they are of no use later but they give the best possible benefits immediately. for reducing belly fat, you need to make a balanced diet and exercise plan keeping in mind that you have to breastfeed and take care of a child too. 1. have lots of water and fluids such as coconut water, lemon water, fresh fruit juices without adding extra sugar. these will keep you hydrated during breastfeeding and also help you fill you up with nutrition. 2. exercise- no matter how much diet control you do, you cannot lose weight without some exercises. start with some light cardio exercises. do some brisk walking. i am assuming that you have completely recovered from your delivery, whether it was a vaginal or cesarean section. you can also do yoga. just ensure you have consulted your own gynecologist too and the exercises are done under supervision. 3. sleep- getting 6-7 hours of sleep is very important to keep stress away as that also makes you gain weight. i know it is difficult to achieve this with a baby but you can try. 4. healthy snacking- all those mid meal hunger pangs that you have which are sometimes satisfied by having chips and candies, kindly avoid that. there are tons of healthy snacking options in the market which you can try. 5. Detox water- soak one cucumber, some ginger, some mint leaves and a lemon in 2 litres of water at night. drink this the next day. it helps. 6. morning drink- start your mornings with a glass of luke warm water, a lemon and some honey. avoid tea. 7. diet- this is self-explanatory. avoid oily, fried stuff. avoid too many sugars carbohydrates. have more of rotis instead of rice.
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Question: hi my neck become black someone told me that its because of harmones what can I do to fair
Answer: It is linked with increased weight gain. Please do not worry. Once you deliver and are back to normal. Your exercise and diet will cure the blackening. Hope it helps! Take care
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Question: My baby is 4 months old. Someone told me to start biscuit.. Only 1 chutaki powder of biscuit per day.. Can we give..
Answer: Hi. Solid food should always be introduced after 6 month of age. Before 6 month baby gets all the nutrition from your breast milk and no other food or supplement is required. If you will start wheaning before 6 month of age it would affect babies digestive system as babies digestive system ist that strong. Giving biscuit isnt healthy for baby at all. It contains maida and sugar which would affect babies digestive system, and i dont find any good reason to give even a pinch of biscuit to baby. It would be good if you start to serve aby a healthy foos that too afyer baby is 6 month old. Good luck.
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