3 months old baby

Question: can we give FM if bm is not sufficient for

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Answer: It is called suva also. Brownish in color. Used a lot by Gujaratis. If not available have 1 spoon jira in morning. Add in all foods. Also have 2 to 3 times a day. U can use methi seeds also. And yes if you drink less water it can also be a reason for less milk. Have lots of liquid like milk water juice
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    Mansi Vardhan1426 days ago

    you can use lactare powder or capsule its a ayuvedic and you can see the changes. my dr also suggested to me. and take 4 glass milk a day

Answer: Yes but try to increase bm. Eat jira in morning use dill seeds fenugreek seeds. Also eat dalia with green mong dal and vegetable. Dry fruit are also good. But dalia and jira are the best
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    Drashti Bhatt Thaker1426 days ago

    yes dill seeds means Suva....n it boost milk production

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Question: can I start giving FM with bm ? bcoz elders say bm ll not be sufficient for babies after 3 months?
Answer: no need. your baby ll suck enough and ll get what he wants. no need formula unless baby weight reduces. but eat a well balanced diet . you need good diet to ensure milk supply is adequate.
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Question: Bm is not sufficient for my baby. Can i give fm to my baby? Which fm is better? Plz reply doctor...
Answer: yes dear you can give formula milk also . there are many Formula milk like lactogen ,dexo lach ,nan aptamil . you can talk to your doctor and he will say which is good for your baby .
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Question: Can we give bm and fm both back to back? My baby is 15days old and i feel bm is not sufficient for her as she is crying badly . My doc says no to fm. Plz suggest what to do?
Answer: Yes u can feed BM one feed and nxt feed u can give FM I did that . so baby has variety also and baby will not be hungry also. But not back to back
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