1 months old baby

Question: Can we give colicaid drops everyday for gasses? What can be done for gasses? Baby doesn't burp everytime

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Answer: Plz try to burp Ur baby, keep Ur baby in upright for 20 to 30 mins. Massage with hing paste around navel whenever baby cries bcz of gas. Apply hing paste, massage for 10 mins, burp Ur baby, keep hing paste for 30 mins and run it with clean cloth. Give Ur baby tummy time. Ys u can give colicaid everyday. U can try Himalaya bonnesan. It is good for gastric babies.
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Question: Can I give colicaid drops everyday?
Answer: As per my doctor, it is ok as it a liquid form of Hajmola
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Question: Can I give colicaid drops daily?
Answer: Yes, it is normal. As the baby grows in size, the place is less. Due to that baby movements would be less than earlier
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Question: Can i give colicaid drops dialy to my lil one?
Answer: No. Don't give it daily. It will reduce the digestive power. If it cries more and nothing can stop then and then give it
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