22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we gauge baby's gender by usg fetal heart rate???

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Answer: Hi dear, Unfortunately there are no physical symptoms that could predict gender of your baby.though are plenty myths around regarding baby gender,but they are not true and have no scientific evidence.so the only way is through ultrasound scan in second trimester,that could reveal the gender of your baby.and if you are in India,then it is illegal to determine gender of unborn baby.i know as a parent we could be very curious about the baby in womb,but trust me a healthy baby is all we want.so just pray baby is healthy and have no complications.wish you all the best!
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    TAPAS DEY SARKAR610 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: can we predict the gender by fetal heart rate?
Answer: Hi friend you are already in your 40 weeks and still trying to predict don't sleep there is little time left for your little bundle to come actually this was discussed in a group. And it was practically not true so I would advise you to ignore such myths. Take care
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Question: Can we predict the gender by seeing fetal heart rate
Answer: Hello! No, gender cannot be predicted by the heart rate. It can only be done through sex determination test which is again illegal here. Hence better to leave it on the nature. Take care
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Question: Can we know the gender by fetal heart rate ?
Answer: No you can't Generally the gender is clarified after some time and heart rate develop in 6 to 8 week nd you can't know the gender via heart rate
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