5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can we eat sprout in 4 week of pregnancy

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Answer: No plz avoid it it's harmful it's so early to eat this
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Question: Hello... Can I eat Gegulu ( Palm sprout) in pregnancy?? I am 10 week
Answer: Hai dear...i will say absolutely noooooo...bcoz in sprout the bacteria is alive...and not good for health during pregnancy...better. To avoid
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Question: Can i eat sprout in pregnancy is it safe?
Answer: Hi dear, Eating sprouts could be risky in pregnancy.The raw sprouts though packed with nutrition are,however, contain the harmful known to have ill effects during your pregnancy. The bacterias salmonella and ecoli could be hazardous for you and the growing baby. Though the bacteria are present in the dormant seeds too but when the seeds sprouts they become active and cause fatal diseases.it could cause cramping,nausea and diarrhea.sprouts needs to be washed and properly cooked before consuming.
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Question: Shall we eat sprout in 9th week pregnancy?
Answer: Raw sprouts can carry harmful bacteria dear..so it is always better to cook it or atleast sautee it in a kadai before eating as cooking it helps kill the bacteria..
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