12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can we eat raw tomatoes in pregnancy

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Answer: I'm eating ...I think it's good....bit we have to be sure that we eat fresh ones
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Question: Can we give raw tomatoes to babies...
Answer: Hi dear not at all you can't give any raw vegetables to your baby. You can give home made tomato soup, vegetable soup etc. Raw vegetables contains pesticides and parasites which can cause mild to severe infection to your baby. Always give cooked food. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hiii...can I eat raw tomatoes????
Answer: Yes you can eat..it’s not only safe to eat them during pregnancy, tomatoes help the mother-to-be and the fetus to keep strong health and protect them against a number of health issues.
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Question: Can I eat raw onions and tomatoes
Answer: Yes you can, there is no harm in eating raw onions and tomatoes. Infact salads are always good.
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Question: Can we eat raw rice in pregnancy
Answer: Ho,not at all. It can lead to in digestion anything which is raw should not be taken during pregnancy not even raw vegetables.
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