14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: can we eat muskmelon during second trimester

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Answer: Yes u can take it safely
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Question: can we eat muskmelon during pregnancy
Answer: Yes, you can eat muskmelon but in moderation. They are extremely beneficial during pregnancy and provide the best of nutrients while catering to the taste buds. Moderate in calorie count and high in nutritional value, muskmelon is good for pregnant women. These are one of the to-be-eaten fruits for the growth and development of your baby. However, do not be surprised if your doctor tells you to avoid the fruit, as it could contain listeria bacteria on the outside. It is safe as long as you peel the outer cover, cut, slice and eat the inside pulp carefully There are numerous health benefits of consuming muskmelon or kharbuja during pregnancy Prevents tube defects Improves immunity Heartburn-One of the superfoods that calm your digestive system is muskmelon Anaemia Leg cramps Eyesight of the baby Blood pressure regulation Constipation Baby’s bone health
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Question: can we eat peanuts in second trimester
Answer:  It's fine to eat peanuts during pregnancy, unless of course you're allergic to peanutsyourself. There's no evidence that eatingpeanuts, or foods containing peanuts, whileyou're pregnant affects whether or not your baby develops a peanut allergy.
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Question: Can we eat muskmelon?
Answer: Hello! Muskmelon is very nutritious, but the outer shell of it has a dangerous bacteria called listeria which can be very harmful. Hence, it is better to avoid. Take care
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